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Womack FAQs (30)

What about recycling?

Effective September 2017 >> This program is currently on hold following circumstances created by Hurricane Irma. For more information, contact the DeSoto County landfill at 863-993-4827


As of January 1st 2013 Desoto County is collecting recyclable items, plastic, aluminum, glass and steel cans, at locations around Desoto County.  The locations are:

  1. Desoto County Landfill, 3268 SW Dishong Street, Monday –  Saturday 7:30 AM – 3:30
  2. Turner Agri-Civic Center – 2250 NE Roan Street Monday – Friday 8:00AM – 5:00PM
  3. McKay Street – 2048 NE McKay Street  on the driveway next to Desoto County  Animal Control – Anytime
  4. Craig’s RV Park – 7895 NE Cubitis Ave at Craig’s RV Park.

Newspapers and newspaper inserts can be placed in the roll-off unit parked in the vacant lot next to the DeSoto Sun-Herald (Arcadian) office on South Polk Avenue. Used motor oil can be recycled at the landfill.

The Desoto County landfill has three separate trailers dedicated to recycling: one for electronics (computers, monitors, televisions, radios, etc) one for newspapers, and one for plastic, aluminum and glass. Customers are required to unload their own recyclables and place them in the appropriate trailers.

Barbed wire is not permitted at the landfill.

I just moved in and would like to start garbage collection at my residence.

If you moved into a newly built home or into an existing residence in the county, but outside city limits, and would like to begin garbage pickup, simply call our office at 863-494-1580 between 8am and 5pm Monday through Friday . We will verify everything we need to get your service started and let you know the basics about your garbage collection service. Oh,  and welcome to the neighborhood.

How do I dispose of old furniture, couches, bicycles and other large items?

Womack Sanitation offers bulk item collection for a separate fee. For details and to schedule a pick-up, call our office at 863-494-1580, Monday through Friday, between 8am and 5pm. Items are typically collected on your next regular garbage collection day. Appliances such as stoves, freezers and refrigerators are excluded from bulk waste pick-up. For these items you must call the county to schedule your pick-up at 863-993-4821.

What about yard waste and trimmings?

yard trash fb imageYou are allowed 2 cans or bundles of yard debris to be collected each month. This takes place on Wednesdays. Do not use bags for yard debris. Cans or bundles must not be more than 40lbs, 4 feet in length and branches no more than 4 inches in diameter. Bundles may be wound with rope or twine. Debris left from a paid lawn maintenance service is excluded from pickup service. These service providers should be hauling away the debris for you.

Why am I supposed to have lids for my trash cans?

Keeping lids closed on cans as well as dumpsters keeps debris from blowing out of the container and littering the surrounding area as well as keeping odors down and discouraging pests and animals from tearing up the garbage and creating a mess.

What if I have a major house cleanup project?

This would not be considered regular household waste. Call our office at 863-494-1580 and we can give you information on large containers for your large projects.

What if I have a home-based business?

Households are still permitted 2 bags or cans per week of household garbage, however, non- household garbage is not included in this service. Businesses that operate out of the house can subscribe to us for commercial hand pickup service or subscribe to  commercial dumpster service. Call our office for pricing and details.

Do you offer large containers for special events?

Womack Sanitation offers several different large containers. Call the office for pricing and details.

Where is the Desoto County Landfill located?

The Desoto County Landfill is located at 3268 SW Dishong Ave, Arcadia, Fl. 863-993-4827. You may visit the website for the landfill at www.desotobocc.com/departments/landfill   landfill hours are Monday through Saturday 7:30am – 3:30pm. Closed Sundays and County Observed holidays.

When will my trash be collected if my trash day falls on a County Holiday?

If your trash day falls on a holiday, you will not have service that day. You will be allowed to put double the amount of trash out on the next normal service day.

Example: Your trash day is Monday and Christmas falls on Monday. You will not have service on Monday, but you may put out 4 cans or bags on Thursday. Tuesday customers are not affected.

How do I get a holiday schedule?

The holiday schedule is posted at the bottom of each of our website pages. It is also mailed with your tax bill each year. It is also published in the “Arcadian”  usually in early October. We also remind people of our holidays on our office voice mail and our facebook page. You may stop by our office and get a printed schedule or you may call and inquire about the observed holidays. Our holidays match the county observed holidays, which are posted on the county website as well.

Do you have a way of reminding me about holiday pickup schedules and when your office is closed?

Large - Never miss another colletion dayYes, download the “mywaste” app from the app store or google play , enter DeSoto for the county and follow the prompts. Holidays, brush days and any other special situations will appear on the calendar.

How much trash am I allowed to put out?

Each household is allowed two 30 gallon garbage bags or 30 gallon garbage cans per collection day.

What time of day will the collectors arrive?

Crews will be picking up garbage between the hours of 6:00 am and 7:00 pm. Crews often follow the same route, however there are reasons which may cause them to vary in their times in your area such as weather, fill in driver’s or crew members and vehicle maintenance so it’s best to plan to have your garbage curbside and ready for pick-up by 6:00 am.

How much is my trash allowed to weigh?

Each bag or can should weigh under 40 pounds. Just use common sense: if the bag or can is too heavy for you to lift and move it comfortably, then it’s probably too heavy for the garbage man too.

On which holidays will Womack not operate?

No collection will occur on any county holiday.  These holidays are voted on each year by the Board of County Commissioners.  Please keep in mind that the County year runs from October 1st through  September 30th.

“Curbside” is how close to the road?

“Curbside” is defined as no more than four feet from the driving surface of the road. Please be sure your bags or cans do not block mailboxes or lean against telephone poles or power lines.  Keep in mind our collectors pickup close to 800 homes per day each…so each extra step adds up by the end of the day!

When did the garbage service begin?

Curbside collection began on Monday, January 2, 2006.

Who is doing the pick-ups?

Womack Sanitation is the company doing the trash collection, under contract with DeSoto County.

On what days will the collectors pick up from my street

Collection days are based on the quadrant in which you live. This is the directional (NW, NE, SW, SE) that comes before your street name given to you by the US Postal Service

The SW section of the county will receive household garbage service on Tuesdays and Fridays. For these homes, yard waste will be collected on the first Wednesday of each month. The NW, NE, and SE sections will receive household garbage service on Mondays and Thursdays. For those homes, yard waste will be collected on the third Wednesday of each month.

Is it okay if I don’t use a garbage can? Can I just put bags at my curbside?

Yes. In most cases, Womack actually prefers that you do NOT use a garbage can, since after the can is empty it tends to get knocked over easily or roll around in the street. However, cans may be necessary if pests or dogs are a threat.

What type of bag should I use?

Bags should be heavy duty plastic, securely tied, and no more than 30 gallons in size.

If I want to use a garbage can, what type should it be?

Acceptable Garbage Bins

Acceptable Garbage Bins

If a garbage can is used, it should be store bought and have two handles in good condition. The size should be no more than 32 gallons and not of the type picked up by automated garbage trucks. cans that are too deep for our workers to reach into are also an obstruction to good service. Snuggly fitting lids also help to keep animals out of the container.

What if I have bulk trash that far exceeds the pick-up limit?

If you have too much trash to leave it all at your curbside, you can haul it yourself to the county landfill and pay disposal rates per ton or per load or Womack Sanitation can haul it for an additional fee. Call the office for details.

Do I need to sort my trash? Should bottles and jars be separate from papers, cardboard, food, etc?

No sorting of trash is necessary. Any normal, non-hazardous, day to day household waste can be placed in your curbside cans and bags. For information on disposal of oil, paints, pesticides, or other hazardous wastes, call the DeSoto County Landfill at 863-993-4827.

What items are allowed in my monthly yard waste pick-up?

Womack Sanitation will haul away tree and shrub trimmings, palm fronds, grass clippings, and small tree branches that have been properly bound or canned.  They my weigh no more than 40 lbs or be longer than 4 ft in length.

Can I just pile my yard waste at the side of my road?

yard trash fb imageNo. Again please remember time is of the essence and loose waste greatly slows down the service we provide to the residents of that days route. Yard waste must be loose in a can or bundled in no more than four foot lengths, with a 40 pound limit per bundle. Each household is allowed two bundles or cans per month. If your garbage days are Monday and Thursday, then your yard debris day will be the third Wednesday of the month. If your garbage days are Tuesday and Friday, then your yard debris day will be the first Wednesday of the month.

Yard waste cannot be bagged, even in paper bags, according to regulations at the landfill.

Will this curbside pick-up service include the removal of old dryers, washers, stoves, and other appliances?

Yes, but appliance removal will be preformed by Desoto County staff and must be arranged ahead of time. Appliances will be picked up by appointment only. If you have appliances to be removed, you must phone the County Road and Bridge Department directly at 863-993-4821.

What if my garbage builds up to be over the two bag limit because my pickup day was on a holiday?

If your pick-up day falls on a holiday,  you will be allowed four bags or cans on your next scheduled day. In the unlikely event you are missed more than one service day, then you may set out two cans or bags per service day that was missed.

Will Womack Sanitation be picking up trash from my business or work site under this program?

This county-wide garbage collection service is billed automatically to all residential dwelling units outside of the city limits of Arcadia, but within the County of Desoto. For information on commercial pick-up, business owners should call Womack Sanitation at 863-494-1580. Home-based businesses can call to inquire about commercial hand pickup service. The residential service is exclusive to typical houseshold waste such as items you would discard from your kitchen.