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January 18, 2018 Recycling Program for DeSoto County Currently on Hold We get a lot of calls about the recycling program that is in place for DeSoto. If you look on the last page of The Arcadian today, Jan 18th, there is an article regarding the status of the program. In 0
September 20, 2017 Info From DeSoto EOC Regarding Storm Debris 0
September 13, 2017 Collection Update – 09/13/2017 Desoto County Garbage Collection September 14 – 15 Update GARBAGE COLLECTION will resume Thursday, September 14th for the public roads that are safe for us to travel. We will NOT be traveling down ANY private roads until further notice.  Each household will be allowed 0
September 12, 2017 September 12 Update – Storm Debris Info Attention Residents – We will not have a clear answer on storm debris collection until Monday, September 18th. As soon as we are informed, we will post an update. In the meantime, please read our storm debris info page at 0
September 11, 2017 No Pickups Monday, Sept 11 or Tuesday, Sept 12 Attention residents… we hope that everyone remained safe during the storm. Due to the status of several roadways and bridges being washed out blocked or unable to support excessive weight, we will not be collecting trash on Tuesday. Monday and 0
September 8, 2017 Friday Morning Update – Hurricane Irma Attention residents, we are collecting trash today, Friday the 8th. This does NOT include brush, construction debris, furniture or other items not considered regular household waste. We DO NOT KNOW if we will be collecting on Monday. We will keep 0
September 6, 2017 Update due to Hurricane Irma Sept 6, 2017. As of right now, we are running routes as normal for Thursday and Friday. If anything changes, we will update you here, on our facebook page and through our MyWaste app. 0
August 17, 2017 Phone Lines Down – 8/17/2017 11 am We are currently experiencing phone line issues. If you need to make a service request, please email it in to billing@womacksanitation.com and we will do our best to accomodate your request. Thanks. We will post again as soon as everything 0
May 11, 2017 DeSoto County Environmental Services hosts Household Hazardous Waste Shed Cleanout June 24, 2017 Location : DeSoto County Landfill 3268 SW Dishong Ave, Arcadia Time: 9am til 1pm Items accepted for collection: pesticides / herbicides, pool chemicals, paints, solvents / thinners, muriatic acid, brake fluids, antifreeze, cleaning fluids, degreasers Residents must bring their own 0
April 24, 2017 New MyWaste Phone App makes planning for trash day even easier! Have you ever missed your trash day because a holiday came up that you forgot about? Well, with the new MyWaste App, it’s easy to look at the calendar for your area of the county, find out when the holidays 0